Patient Testimonials

Mr. Peter (Nigeria)

We were given very good pick up and drop services from the airport and on the arrival we were given very good rooms. I have been operated for Kidney Transplant at Global Hospital, Ahmedabad. The nurses and doctors are friendly people and they took good care of us it and it made our stay worthwhile. They embrace us as their own and we feel like we are at home. Right from the admission till the discharge, the experience has been very good.

Mr. Hussain (Iraq)

I have been successfully treated for Coronary Angiography at Global Hospital. It’s been worth coming to Ahmedabad Global Hospital. It really provided me with the world class services and facilities. I would highly recommend my countrymen to get their treatment done at Global Hospital Ahmedabad. India.

Mr. Shafa-Maher (Iraq)

I have Endoscopy got done at Global Hospital Ahmedabad. All the staff that took care of me was simply outstanding. My overall experience here was excellent. The Hospital provided me with world-class facilities and great assistance.

Mr. Amir Ali (Iraq)

I came to India for my Coronary Angiography. The surgery has been done with great care and expertise. I am really happy with all the services and facilities provided by the Global Hospital. I am really happy to see that Global Hospital is having latest technological instruments and world-class healthcare services. I would refer more and more people from my country to visit Global Hospital for their or their loved ones treatment.

Barke A Abdallah (Nairobi, Kenya)

Global Hospital is the best!! Doctors are keen, good and kind. I am also planning to bring my child here for the treatment for her hearing problem. I have been properly checked and treated. All services, facilities are superb.

Pooja Sharma

I had consulted Dr. Anant Yadav, Global Hospital for my Dad's cardiac problem and I was given very authentic and professional advice. I would highly recommend Global Hospital for all kind of treatment.

Mr. Mohammad (Iraq)

My stay at Global Hospital was extremely nice. The staff is very brilliant and supported me all the time and assisted my at the right time. The experience was very nice and it’s my pleasure to be here. And it’s all because the people around, all the doctors and the nurses. Everything is perfect. I would definitely suggest people in my country to some here. I would like to thank all the doctors from the bottom of my heart for the best treatment.

Uriocareen (Tanzania)

Our child had the hearing problem and its has been treated very well at Global Hospital. She is completely fine now. We are very happy and pleased to say that Global Hospital really cares for everyone and take care of all the patients. We felt like home here.

Ajab Jhabuawala (India)

My mother has gone for Total Knee Replacement of both the knees at Global Hospital and I must say that it had gone really very well. Medical staff is very good and cooperative and have always given timely attentions for every small detail and requirement.


I have a wonderful and great experience with the Hospital during my stay from 1st January 2016 to 5th January 2016. Right from the first day till the end, I have not faced any problem.